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“‘Cause They Be All Up In My Business Like a Wendy Interview…”

-Mariah Carey, “Touch My Body”

How you doin’?

Wendy Williams is now famous for hosting a fun, syndicated morning talk show called The Wendy Williams Show. Disclosure: I love The Wendy Williams Show. It helped get me through unemployment. Wendy is vivacious, hilarious and doesn’t kiss her guests’ ass–instead, you feel like you’re participating in a gossip session between friends. Plus, the “Ask Wendy” segment is just too fabulous.

With that aside, if you watch TWWS, you know that Wendy first got her start on the radio, working in various markets including Boston, New York and Philadelphia. After reading The Wendy Williams Experience: Queen of Media, I must say that “TV Wendy” and “Radio Wendy” are two different people.

First, let me start off by saying that I got the vibe that Queen of Media was more of a book for fans of her radio show. Williams gives her opinions on certain stars of the R&B/Hip Hop world, and reprints many interviews, including a rather infamous chat with Whitney Houston where she said some not so nice things to Williams.

Now, I don’t want to call Williams herself mean, but “Radio Wendy” is definitely more gritty than “T.V. Wendy.” Is it because Williams is now on television, where she’s watched by millions of people (as opposed to radio, which, sadly, isn’t drawing the same audience as it used to?) Or can we chalk it up to age? Williams is now 47, Queen of Media was first published six years ago, so maybe Williams has calmed down. Or, perhaps she’s happier on T.V. than she is on radio. Or, maybe it’s because Wendy has to cater to an entirely new audience–when Wendy was on the radio, her show was mostly broadcast on “black” stations. Her  T.V. show, however, caters to a more “diverse” audience. If Wendy isn’t “ethnic,” she’s more marketable. (this is sad yet very true in a lot of media outlets.)

That’s not to say I dislike “Radio Wendy”–I like that she didn’t pull punches with her guests and didn’t kiss their asses to high heaven. That being said, she wasn’t running her mouth all over town. She knew when to back off and when to admit she was wrong. I’m looking forward to reading her autobiography, Wendy’s Got The Heat, so I can learn even more about this fabulous woman.

What’s your take on “Radio Wendy” vs. “T.V. Wendy?” Did you read The Wendy Williams Experience: Queen of Media? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments section!

Friday (remember, there’s two reviews this week!): A peek into Blanche’s boudoir, aka Rue McClanahan’s My First Five Husbands…and the Ones Who Got Away.

Thank you and I love you for reading! 🙂



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Nice try, Lauren Conrad…

Despite that I am blushing and giggling over a photo of a handsome man on a popular television show like a fourteen-year-old at the moment, I am actually not a teenager. Haven’t been for a few years now.

Which is why I didn’t finish L.A. Candy. I could have finished it–it’s not as if Conrad wrote the most challenging novel. But from the first page, I knew I wasn’t going to take much of it. (It opens with a dream sequence. I’ll leave it at that.)  The writing was very basic, and the plot is pretty much lifted from the first and second season of The Hills, with new names and places. This is rather bad–this really dates the book, and it wasn’t done intentionally (see: Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series.) This makes me sad. Books written for teenagers often have a bad reputation as being too condescending or too sexy or too vapid, the latter of which fits L.A. Candy. But, as I said before, I’m not the intended audience. If I were fourteen, I would’ve thought Conrad was like, such a great author, like, why are people giving her shit? OMG!

So, sorry for such a short review, but next week, I’ll have more. I don’t know what will go up next week…I’m torn between RuPaul’s Lettin’ It All Hang Out, Wendy Williams’ The Wendy Williams Experience and Paul Feig’s Kick Me: Adventures in Adolesence and Superstud: Or How I Became a 24-Year-Old Virgin. I love all three of these people like no other. They’ll all be on the site at some point, but I’m still having a hard time choosing. (Also, I know Feig isn’t a celebrity in the traditional sense. Some of you may never have heard of him! However,  he’s a celebrity to me, as he created one of my favorite shows, the very short-lived Freaks and Geeks that aired on NBC during the 1999-2000 season. People in my age group may also remember him as Mr. Pool during the first season of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.)

Have you read L.A. Candy? What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments section!

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The Telling Tales of Tori Spelling

As promised…the Tori Spelling entry!

New York Times Best Selling Author Victoria Davey Spelling, better known to you and me as Tori Spelling (or Donna Martin or “Screech’s nerdy girlfriend”) has two literary masterpieces to her name: sTORI Telling (2008) and Mommywood (2009) A third book, Uncharted TerriTORI is due in June, with her children’s book, Presenting…Tallulah due in October.

We’ll begin with sTORI Telling, where Tori tries to convince us that, despite her ultra fabulous upbringing, she is an average joe, just like you and me. Guess what? She succeeds. Although I did find myself rolling my eyes at her boo-hooing over things like how she didn’t get to choose the color of her first B.M.W. when she turned sixteen, take away the minor details like being on one of the biggest television shows of the nineties and having uber-producer Aaron Spelling for a father, and you have a regular girl fighting her way through adolescence and her twenties, which is something everyone can relate to on a certain level. That being said, there are two rather infamous sections–Tori discussing her affair with Mind Over Murder co-star Dean McDermott and her relationship with her mother. The one that got to me the most was not the latter (frankly, I feel a lot of the drama was sensationalized to sell books and keep the Spelling family in the press. I’ll dig into this a bit more when I review Tales From Candy Land , which will be when the Mid-Hudson or Westchester Library System gets it in.) but the former.

Tori should have been more upfront about her extramarital affair and not trying to write a romance novel. (I’m not joking, on page 185 she talks about her last night shooting a movie with Dean. Apparently, they sat next to each other writing lines like “I want to go to Paris with you” and “I want to marry you.” In the book, this written as  nasuseous-making line by line He wrote/I wrote exchange.) She’s trying to redeem her actions, but Tori, sweetie darling, guess what? You cheated. You’re a celebrity and you got caught cheating. You bet it’s going to get blown up in the media. (Although her actions were small potatoes compared to those of Tiger Woods and Jesse James.)

I’m in the middle about Mommywood, which is a collection of essays about Tori’s experiences as a mother of two trying to juggle her career and the want to be a stay-at-home mother. I really liked the book at first–Tori’s voice was more mature, less self-pitying, and her stories were actually cute. Then I tuned in to Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

While watching, it hit me that perhaps Tori wasn’t writing from the perspective of Tori the girl from sTORI Telling, but Tori the girl from that show on Oxygen. “Oxygen Tori” is always “on.” Even when she’s not wearing make-up, even when she’s fighting with her husband, she is “on.” (of course, when you know you’re going to be filmed, you put on an act because you’re aware that other people are going to be watching.) It’s as if her handlers didn’t like the reputation she had gotten from sTORI Telling, and decided to rebrand her as real-life Donna Martin. Okay, that’s an odd metaphor, but I can’t really describe it. If you read the book first and then watch the fourth season, you’ll see what I’m talking about…I hope.

Have any of you read Tori Spellings works? Or would you prefer to think of her as the girl who played Donna Martin on 90210?  Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Next week: The Marvelous Marie Osmond!

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