Literary Links

I get all my celebrity literature from my local libraries. Support the American Library Association!

My place of work, a new same-sex wedding magazine: Equally Wed magazine

A great group of young writers based in Brooklyn, including the wonderful Chanelle Bergeron who I was very honored to work with and befriend this past summer: The Corresponding Society

One of my favorite instructors at Binghamton:  Thomas Glave

Another one of my favorite instructors who wrote one of my favorite books, Call Me By My Rightful Name: Isidore Okpewho

The tumblr of an author who has recently written a fabulously funny memoir about dating: Julie Klausner

Some publishing companies of the books I have reviewed, which may have some more titles you may be interested in: Penguin Books, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollinsHarperTeen.

Some stores to purchase titles you may be interested in that aren’t the same old retailers: Powell’s Books and Strand.


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