Welcome to the Lit Club!

Hello! I’m Furious K. You may remember me from my last blog, no bells, no whistles, just words, which was supposed to chronicle my journey in writing my novel. Instead, I found myself dealing with both unemployment and the baggage that comes with it. Namely, boredom. I didn’t have much want to write, and as many of you remember, I was very reluctant to share excerpts from my work, thus making for a very boring blog.

Now, I have decided to share one of my new hobbies with y’all–reading celebrity penned novels/memoirs and reviewing them!

This new hobby of mine has grown out of boredom. I had wasted time feeling sorry for myself and playing the “if only…” game (i.e. “if only I had graduated on time, if I only I hadn’t transferred, if only I had decided on a career senior year of high school!” etc.) when I took a trip to my local library with my dad. There, I stumbled upon the memoir section and saw they had two books I had been dying to read, but had been afraid to buy: Fran Drescher’s Enter Whining and Tori Spelling’s sTORI Telling. I had forgotten that libraries are awesome and I could check them out–free!–for a month and return them when I finished.  I went through both books in under a week, returned them, and felt satisfied that I hadn’t spent money to own either book. Why wasn’t I too wild about either book? You’ll just have to come back next week,  where I’ll dissect the works of Ms. Victoria Davey Spelling, better known to you and me as Tori.

Now, some of you are rolling your eyes. Why not review say, current works of fiction, or memoirs written by non-mega celebrities? My reviews are not sugar-coated. I am not being paid by any publishers to talk up these works. I am not going to pretend that Lauren Conrad is the greatest young adult author since Judy Blume or Paula Danziger (R.I.P.) That being said, I’m also not going to tear them down just for the sake of who they are. I will not sit here and say “ugh, Marie Osmond should just stick to smiling and schilling NutriSystem meals while singing fluffy pop songs from the early sixties with Donny and the rest of her family, she can’t write.”  Most of what I will talk about  won’t be so much about writing style and technique, it’ll be about the real story itself. Not so much as to whether it’s made up, but is it enjoyable? What if someone besides Russell Brand or Howie Mandel had written it? Would we still like it?

Anyway, please continue to check in and throw in your two cents! Maybe I missed something, or perhaps you have a different take on a celebrity work. In any case, I can’t wait to get started! See you next week!


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  1. Libraries are indeed the bombdiggity. Rock the blog, Furious!

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